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Discover firsthand how our self-serve mobile first platform leads to better coverage, and more engaged staff. Stop spending hours dealing with call-outs and get back to what matters most – patient care.

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We specialize in Healthcare, so we understand the complexity in managing internal and external staff alongside your collective bargaining agreements.

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Decrease in time spent dealing with shift call-outs within 24 hours of implementation.


Cost for StaffStat to complete call-out process vs $22/hour average for a Scheduler


Decrease in agency usage within 6 months of implementation

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StaffStat provides a software solution that helps teams to manage staff calls outs and predict shortages of staff.  We don’t fill the roles directly, but work with staffing agencies to help fill those roles.

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Experience Transformative Results with Our Healthcare Scheduling Software

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StaffStat is an easy and effective shift filling tool. Its intuitive and easy navigation permits you to connect with staff and post shifts fast and efficiently. No more long calling lists or endless back-and-forth emails. With StaffStat, we’ve experienced a significant reduction in administrative time and effort, allowing us to focus more on delivering quality service.

Carole Racine

Scheduling Coordinator, Au Chateau Home for the Aged

We are thrilled to work alongside StaffStat to better optimize staffing in Revera retirement residences across the country. This innovative technology is helping our residences with more than just filling shifts. StaffStat’s vision, mission, and core values upheld by their team closely match those of Revera’s and our partnership is a testament to our shared commitment to excellence in care and service.

Brooke Allen

Senior Vice President, Strategic Operations, Revera Inc.
Key Features Designed for Excellence

The Premier Healthcare Staff Management Software

In the fast-paced world of healthcare management, the efficiency of your staff scheduling directly impacts patient care and operational productivity. Traditional methods often fall short, leading to staffing shortages, overworked employees, and ultimately, compromised patient care. Our innovative healthcare staff app bridges this gap, providing a streamlined and efficient approach to healthcare scheduling. By leveraging state-of-the-art healthcare software, you gain the power to ensure optimal staffing levels, reduce administrative burdens, and enhance patient satisfaction.

Comprehensive Shift Management

With our healthcare shift management software, easily manage and modify staff shifts, ensuring flexibility and adaptability in your staffing plans.

Streamlined Staff Scheduling

Our healthcare scheduling app allows for easy schedule access and updates, ensuring that all staff members are informed and engaged.

Efficient Shift Planning

Utilize our healthcare shift planning software to create schedules that match staff availability, ensuring that critical shifts are always covered.

Experience the Impact of Staffstat

Our advanced healthcare staff scheduling solution not only streamlines the scheduling process but also elevates the entire ecosystem of your healthcare facility. By minimizing the time spent on scheduling tasks, healthcare managers can focus more on strategic initiatives and patient-centric care.

Embrace the Future of Healthcare Staff Scheduling

We invite you to see it in action and understand why so many healthcare managers trust our solution to meet their scheduling needs.