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Frequently Asked Questions

I forgot my username and/or password. What should I do?

Feel free to call our support line 24/7 at 1.844.600.7828, or click the ‘Forgot Username or Password’ button on the login page to reset your password via a secure link.

What can I expect during the implementation process?

Our team will guide you through the entire implementation process. You can anticipate an average timeline of 2-3 weeks from start to finish, which includes: site setup, onboarding, training and customer service.

Does StaffStat work in a unionized environment?

Absolutely. StaffStat automates the call-out process, it does not change the assignment process. Our system reaches all staff designated by your organization to ensure a fair and proper call-out. Our reports track every notification sent, guaranteeing the eradication of shift-related grievances.

Is StaffStat user-friendly?

Yes! With an easy-to-use interface, posting and filling shifts, sending out Memos and pulling reports takes only a matter of seconds. Regardless of their experience with technology, end users can easily navigate and understand how to accept shift requests using any of our methods of communication. Because staff are being connected with in the method they choose, there is a noticeable decrease in call fatigue and phone avoidance. Our current partners have reported an increase in staff engagement, morale, and shift coverage.

How is pricing structured?

StaffStat is invoiced monthly based on a per site rate. There aren't any fees associated with training, and customer support can also be accessed by all users 24/7 at no cost.

What types of reports and data does StaffStat provide?

Our reports allow organizations to review notification logs for each shift posted, get ahead of your schedule with the Predictive Shift-Filling report, pull reports on individual staff activity, view sent Memos and much more.

How long will my data be available on StaffStat?

StaffStat does not limit the amount of data stored on a customer-by-customer basis. You can rest assured that your information is maintained and stored securely on our servers.