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About us

Welcome to StaffStat® – your partner in revolutionizing senior care. Our advanced technology simplifies staffing by connecting you with ALL staff simultaneously, enhancing efficiency and care quality. Streamline shift-filling through multiple notification options, optimizing resident-to-staff ratios for exceptional care. Reduce grievances, overtime, and errors while empowering staff to excel. Join the ranks of satisfied care homes benefiting from StaffStat’s transformative platform. Experience streamlined operations, remarkable efficiency, productivity, and staff engagement today.

StaffStat Features

Interactive Dashboard

Take the thinking out of staffing & optimize your own workforce

Post Memo™

Cultivate culture by enhancing communication between leadership and frontline

Predictive Shift Filling™

See your staffing needs days, weeks and months in advance

Analytical Reports

Qualitative metrics to drive performance & improve bottom-line

Smart Calendar

Smart Staffing™ through AI & automation

Measure Engagement

Use data analysis to gauge the level of employee engagement and connection with the system

Post to the A Team™

Our team is your team. Access Canada’s largest pool of thoroughly-screened frontline & allied health care professionals

The StaffStat Advantage

Embrace Technology

Hang up the phone and take the thinking out of staffing. StaffStat automates the call-out process so your people can focus on caring for our vulnerable people.

Empower Your Employees

Provide ultimate flexibility in your organization by allowing your employees to take control of their schedules and accept shifts on their terms. Connect with your staff and send notifications about shifts using their preferred method of communication.

Complement Your Team

After you have exhausted your internal resources, use the Post to the A Team TM feature for instant access to Plan A, Canada’s largest pool of thoroughly-screened and dedicated pool of health care professionals.

Cultivate Culture

Connect with your staff about more than just shifts. Enhance communication between leadership & frontline using our Post MemoTM feature to send policies, give thanks, host contests and much more.

Measure Engagement

Track employee engagement to recognize staff who are present and engaged in your organization and learn from those who aren’t.

See Into the Future

Our predictability algorithm allows you to see shortages in advance and get ahead of your schedule.

Use Your Data to Drive

StaffStat collects real-time data to help you keep a pulse on your organization’s healthcare staffing while working simultaneously to directly pinpoint your exact hiring needs.

Our Strategic Partners

Put Time and Money Back
into Your Organization


decrease in shift call-outs within 24 hours of implementation


cost for StaffStat to complete call-out process vs $22/hour average for a Scheduler


decrease in agency usage within 6 months of implementation