Healthcare Staff Scheduling

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Envision a world where staffing challenges are met with precision and ease—that’s the transformative promise of StaffStat, tailored for forward-thinking healthcare managers and facilities seeking unparalleled staffing solutions.

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StaffStat Features

Interactive Dashboard

Take the thinking out of staffing & optimize your own workforce

Post Memo™

Cultivate culture by enhancing communication between leadership and frontline

Predictive Shift Filling™

See your healthcare staffing needs days, weeks and months in advance

Analytical Reports

Qualitative metrics to drive performance & improve bottom-line

Smart Calendar

Smart Staffing™ through AI & automation

Measure Engagement

Use data analysis to gauge the level of employee engagement and connection with the system

Post to the A Team™

Our team is your team. Access Canada’s largest pool of thoroughly-screened frontline & allied health care professionals

Healthcare Scheduling Software

Efficient staffing management is paramount in healthcare, where every second counts. Our service leverages the latest in healthcare shift filling software to ensure that your organization operates at its highest capacity. With our healthcare staff app, we offer an integrated platform that simplifies shift planning, ensuring seamless operations. These tools not only streamline workforce management but also enhance the quality of patient care through improved staff allocation and reduced downtime.

Advanced Healthcare Staffing Solutions

Our advanced healthcare software, featuring a cutting-edge healthcare scheduling app and healthcare predictive scheduler, transforms workforce management for the better. These essential tools significantly reduce unforeseen absences and fine-tune shift planning, guaranteeing top-tier patient care by maximizing staff efficiency.

Healthcare Staff Automation

Streamlines operations, ensuring healthcare agencies and facilities run more efficiently.

Staff Call Out Software

Reduces the impact of unexpected absences, keeping shifts covered.

Healthcare Predictive Scheduler

Minimizes call-outs by accurately forecasting staffing needs.

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