Connect with staff instantly and fill shifts in seconds.

Born out of the challenges that make up a regular day in the staffing industry - StaffStat® is a simple, quick, and effective way to get shifts covered. It’s revolutionizing the health care industry!

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Save time and money. Grow your organization.

Every call made for staffing takes valuable time and money out of the organization. Use this time to focus on patient care and frontline healthcare workers.

StaffStat® happens in 5 easy steps.

StaffStat® is a versatile application that will relieve the frustrations of filling shifts in the health care industry.
Find out how StaffStat® can benefit you and your company!

  • Connect with staff instantly

    Connect with staff instantly

    StaffStat® is technology that allows you to contact all of your employees for shifts, using their preferred method of communication (app, telephone, email, and/or text) within seconds. Filling gaps in your schedule while ensuring accuracy and organization has never been this efficient.

  • Connect and fill shifts anytime, anywhere

    Connect and fill shifts anytime, anywhere

    Pick up and post shifts from anywhere, at any time. Scheduling is accessible 24/7,365 days a year on your smartphone or any Internet browser.

  • Grow your organization

    Grow your organization

    Every call made for staffing requires valuable time and money. Use this time instead to work on tasks that will leverage your business. Integrate StaffStat® seamlessly, we provide training for your management and staff to make integration quick and simple.

  • Be in the know

    Be in the know

    Receive real-time updates on shifts posted, filled, updated or cancelled. Get notified of all schedule changes so that you are aware of any unexpected staffing issues.

  • Stay updated with no hassle

    Stay updated with no hassle

    StaffStat® operates as a Cloud Service, which means you never have to download updates. You benefit immediately when new features and enhancements are added.

Getting started with StaffStat®
is quick and easy.

Getting setup on StaffStat® is simple and hassle free with no setup costs or annual fees, no installation required, free 24/7 customer support and free new upgrades. Our payment process is also 1OO% safe and secure.

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Save time and money. Grow your organization

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